Luke Schleicher

Full Stack Web Developer

I'm a software developer with a zeal for positive user experiences and the back end code that powers them. I'm excited about tackling meaningful human problems through code.

I work with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, AngularJS, CSS3, HTML5, Git and AWS.

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Degree Planner for the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics

An application that allows advisors at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics to build a student’s graduation plan, schedule classes and print the plan for their records. It also allows admins to build degrees, create courses, schedule classes, manage advisors, and view enrollment numbers. This will save advisors hundreds of hours annually.



A social network with authentication, posting, commenting, liking and friending. Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Paperclip w/ AWS for image upload, Delayed Job, AJAX, Git, and HTML5


Congress App

A RoR-powered app that allows visitors to discover their representatives in Congress, view the bills they recently voted for, and how they voted. Pulls data from the Sunlight API, and uses Google Maps Geolocator API to pinpoint visitor location. Emails configured with SendGrid and Delayed Jobs. Built over the course of a 3-day hackathon with 3 other developers.

congress app

Metra Train Tracker

An app that tells you how much time you have to catch the next Metra at your nearest train station. Built with Metra CSV train schedules,, Google Maps location API, Ruby and Sinatra as part of a 1-day hackathon.